Location:Biloxi, MS USA
Ebay ID:spankrjs

My involvement with Tamiya RC started around 2005. After building static models when I was younger, I accidentally found out about the 1/16 RC tank line up. So, my first Tamiya RC was a Full Option King Tiger (56018). Shortly there after, I happened upon a 58372 Ford F350 Hi Lift at a hobby shop. Well, after building/running/modifying that kit, I was hooked. And of course, after having a newer '3 speed', I had to find out what all the fuss was with the older '3 speeds'. And the rest is history.

My primary interests are with the vintage SRB's/3 speeds, but I have had/still have quite a few other models as well. So, while I like the old stuff, I am also still very much interested in some of the newer models.

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