Started back in 1988 with a Tamiya Grasshopper, then moved on to a Tamiya Thundershot and did some racing. Eventually altered the Thundershot by making a steel tray and now body etc.. it was terrible so eventually went back to standard. Could never afford descent cells in those days so plenty of races finished going round in circles!
Next got a 2nd hand Optima Pro with my first esc coupled with a technigold. Good days, old kit but it went like a rocket.
My mate got a Tamiya Top Force, which was a real nice car. Could afford that so went for a Manta Ray and modded it into effectively a Top Force. By then I could afford descent kit and enjoyed racing even more.
After a spell of being interested in girls/women had a mini mid-life crisis and purchased a Mardave Mini, a car I had wanted since buying my first ever Radio Race Car International. Now I had one and raced it a few times. Then got married and had kids. The End!

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