Ebay ID:motobelgium

I got my first Tamiya in 1983. It was the Holiday Buggy. Since, I had some others like the Super Champ, Ford XLT Ranger, Pajero (Dakar), Porsche 959, but as student, I didn't have lot of money and I used to sell my current car to buy a new one. The next were a Supra Blitz, Nissan Loctite, Mercedes truck, Williams F1 (F102), Mini Cooper, .... A long time ago, a friend of mine ask me if I was interested by old chassis. I did not know what exactly they were. I recognised a sand scorcher and a wild willy. I took the sand but left the M38 (Stupid I was). Some years ago, I had the opportunity to buy NIB the sidecar and the Pajero (Dakar) for ... peanuts. That's how it started. Friends provided me some spare parts or chassis to restore or rebuild cars, then I went to ebay and the adventure started. I may say I started Tamiya 25 years ago, but was able to collect them 10 years ago. And I do not know if I will stop or not... Ouch... did I say that ? ;-)

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