Location:wiltshire uk
Ebay ID:grizzly1972

I saved up for ages to buy my first car a grasshopper back in the eighties
I was hooked !! soon I had a hornet, bigwig, wild one, falcon, you name it !
all which ended up sold swaped or given away.
Then in 2001 I got talked in to going racing at a new club that opened, that was with a TL-01
In stock class, well soon made new friends, visited new clubs, and racing went from on-road to off-road and took me to racing 1/8th rally cross all over the UK.
Well here we are in 2014, I wanted a Wild Willy 2 to race in the 'Tamiya big wheel' race at the Apex Gp.
Well that was the plan ! I now have 7 WR-02,s and some DT-02s for the DT-02 Challange..
All I can say is, The Tamiya bug has well and truly bitten me again. :-)

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