Location:Bergamo - Italy
Ebay ID:il_maligno

Hello mates, I start my Rc adventure when the first TA01 cars appears on the market (around 1991-92 I though). My first car was a Manta Ray, I was just a kid back at that time, and the budget weren't very high.. I remember that I had a lot of fun with the Manta, even if I drove it mostly on parking lots. I remember that I adapted a Vanquish body, because the Manta one (my first paint job) were a BIG failure.. After the Manta Ray I tryed to switch to a 0.21 nitro car, but I understand quickly that electric models were the best for me. So I sell that car and purchased a Michelin Pilot Escort. I fell in love with that kind of model, the 4wd layout and the oil filled indipendent suspensions system allow the car to go almost anywhere, from asphalt to grass to mild off-road. Even now touring and rally cars are my favourite collectibles (TA01 on top of the chart) and since I've got always less time to drive, I've started to built and collect them. Lately (thanks to the introduction of the Juggernaut) I entered in the Monster Truck world, first with a stock (and unused, the body is too fragile..) Juggernaut 2, and then with some custom modified projects based on the same Jug's drivetrain. I work very much on this projects, I like to design chassis and to study suspension geometry, thanks also to my real job (mechanical designer). I also made myself some small upgrades, thanks to a little lathe. I'm sure to have found the right place for catch some ideas here at TamiyaClub, I've seen various projects that really rocks!

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