I got started in this hobby as an eight year-old back in 1983 at the local club. I am mostly in to old school Tamiyas, but love all my Tamiyas. Together with TamiyaTomas I arrange The Swedish Tamiya Meeting, which is an annual spring meeting for all Tamiya enthusiasts. There is a car show, swap meet and a Speed Race. - An excellent opportunity to meet people who share the interest in yesteryear's RC Cars and find spare parts as well as new project.

Electric touring cars were not big back when I started out in the early 80s. It was 1:10 electric buggies that dominated our club. Tamiya started to grow on me already from my first visit to the indoor buggy track. The club had a few Tamiyas that we beginners could rent per charge, which I did. The first proper RC car that I ever drove was the Holiday Buggy, which was one of the 'rental' cars. A Grasshopper was my first car. The Grasshopper did not last very long and we sold it after a few months. It got replaced by a Frog. The Frog stayed on and I used it for club driving. I later got a seconda hand Kyosho Scorpion that I prefered to the Frog as it was sturdier and had a more reliable gearbox.

When I bought the Tamiya Mad Bison many years ago I sort of rediscovered Tamiya. I loved building it, not to mention driving it! How could such a fragile looking nitro monster truck be so much fun? To be honest, it really does not look that fierce - but it sure is great fun to drive and it handles really well. It helped me remember why I have always preferred Tamiya over Kyosho and the others.

The joy of driving Tamiya cars even surpasses that big smile and the horns that start to grow on you while driving an FG, which is why I do not miss my heavily upgraded FG MT.

Now I only need to find the time to finish my projects and get them in my showroom. The sad part is that have sold several of them since I photographed them for my showroom but before I got around to upload them... - I need to take my showroom more seriously. :-) However, my absolute favourite is there, The Tamiya Solar Eagle. Albeit the slowest Tamiya I have and far from the most valuable one, it is the one I like the most for its genuinely unique design and interesting technology.

Being one of many that has always preferred Tamiya for the joy of driving them, I have really fallen in love with the TRF-buggies. They are as much fun as a Lunchbox or Wild Willy will ever be but they are exact and really embody the Tamiya stars as they are passion mixed with precision.

On the flip side of the coin there are the function models in 1/14 and 1/16 scale. I have a Knight Hauler, a Sherman M4 tank and a Jagpanther tank, which are extremely cool as they really are scaled down versions of the real thing.

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