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An enthusiastic builder, restorer and occasional racer of all manner of Tamiya RCs, from F1s to teapots, as long as they are 1/10 scale.
As far as racing goes, my primary interest is 1/10 F1, but I also run in 1/10 TC and M-chassis classes when the opportunity presents itself. Offroad my activities are all non-competitive, often involving older designs.

I really enjoy a good build or restoration/restomod though. My fleet is split roughly down the middle between new builds and restorations/restomods, and I have been known to take on projects for others when there is nothing that needs doing to my own fleet.

FInally, my profile wouldn't be complete without mentioning teapot racing. A popular activity in steampunk circles, it involves driving a RC teapot around an obstacle course against the clock. I like to enter such events wherever possible, and have built a model specifically for the task. If you look at my showroom, I'm sure you can guess which one it is!

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