Ebay ID:dave.t1

I had my first kit in the early 80's, a Ford Ranger XLT. My parents bought it for me from a mail order catalogue, inspired from a lad at school who had the Rough Rider and would drive it around at lunch time. Eventually sold that (do'h) to pay for a BMX (I think) and did not get another kit untill the mid 90's when I bought a Clio Williams. Collected a few kits here and there untill Jan this year when I found Ebay!! Since then have bought every Tamiya kit I ever wanted, all new RR, SS, FR XLT, Top Force, TR-15T, TA-o3Pro, etc, etc. I have a particular interest in TGX/nitro models and my favorite is the Terra Crusher! My collection is growing all the time as I see kits that take my fancy, but eventually I will run out of loft space! As time is always limited I have decided to store all the kits till a big rainy day comes along, when I will build them. Luckily I have some "runners" for the time being that I "raz" around.

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