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Cars in order of ownership
Tamiya Fighter buggy RX.
Tamiya Celica Rally TA02
Tamiya FF01 Opel Vectra
Tamiya F103 Ferrari F1
Tamiya F150 Stadium Truck TA02
Tamiya TL01LA Converted to Rally
Tamiya TT01
Tamiya DF03RA Subaru WRX
Tamiya DT02 Desert Gator
Tamiya DF03 buggy
Tamiya CC01 Pajero Metaltop
Tamiya CC01 Pajero Modern polycarbonate
List goes on, and growing :-)
Just picked up a re re release Top Force, wanted to share, planning on restoring my FF01 thats been in the corner missing parts for 15 years.

My Tamiyaclub friends...