Ebay ID:larbut

I have been collecting Vintage Tamiya RC cars since 2004, and the collection is taking shape. I currently have about 80 Tamiya RC cars among the first 100 together with loads of manuals, boxes, decals, Guide Books, Catalogs, posters, etc. I collect more or less anything connected to the first 100. I started off collection only offroaders among the first 100, but as I am now closing in on that goal, I have moved the goal forward to include all models among the first 100. I realise this is quite difficult and will take time and money, but I am in no hurry as I will keep on doing this for many years to come :-)
Finaly a big 'Thank you' to all you guys on TC making this such a nice and informative place to visit, and I must admit that I usually visit here daily... :-D