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Born in the 80ies

It all started with the Monster Beetle when I was 7 years old... still remember that happy birthday gift moment :-)

And then from the very first FF01 Idemitsu Motion Mugen Honda Civic and others (Volvo 850, Egress, Clod Buster, Ford F150, Mitsubishi Pajero, etc) to live a happy RC childhood, and lucky enough to occasionally drive for the regional Tamiya Demo Team.

Many years later, a friend of mine kept on pushing me to buy an RC warbird and after finally giving in... started wondering how the RC Car world had moved in the past 20 years... and where those boxes with my old RC cars had actually gone.

Only to recently realise my biggest sin ever... the boxes (apparently) being thrown away in a series of movements!

So now reviving that childhood happiness again... mainly collecting Tamiya RC, but some models of other makes as well.

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