Location:Nuremberg / Germany

I am a 13 year old boy, born in 1968. Since 1977, I have a great passion for Tamiya RC models, which I have been collecting for decades.
I love and collect first100 NIB Kits. The 3-Gear Models is my Favorite.

In 1981, I was just 13 years old and always had the latest Tamiy RC catalog under my pillow to dream about. The catalog was already torn apart by the many usage after a short time. In this catalog a mountain ascent of the Grossglockner in Austria with the new Tamiya Hilux 4x4 was described in great detail, which fascinated me infinitely and did not let loose. I always dreamed of owning a 58028 once, unfortunately this failed because of the money. The Hilux was always my hero, in which I could reinterpret my childish thirst for adventure. Only in 1986 with 18 years I could buy with the Bruiser, the Hilux did not exist anymore. However, my passion for the 58028 never left me.

Today I am proud to own some of them and can,t stop collect them.
Here's my first Hilux I got in amazing shape. The box is not faded, no blister is cracked or broken. The tires in deep black without talc. The kit has been stored for decades perfectly and is in perfect condition. Unfortunately, the outer carton has two cracks and the carton under the transmission is ripped open by the weight.
Everything else is just perfect.
Thank you, that a dream comes true.