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I was born in the former GDR. With the end of the GDR, I got my first RC Kit Car (Kyosho Maxxum FF) as a christmas present in 1990. At the same time my younger brother also got an RC Kit Car - the Kyosho Raider 2WD.
Driving together was a lot of fun, but I was always a little jealous of the noticeably better acceleration of my brother's Raider, though it was the constructively simpler car.
In the early 90's I also owned a Traxxas Radicator 2WD.

Due to vocational training and leaving the parental home, I lost sight of the hobby.
About 3 years ago - after more than 20! years - the passion reawakened when I rediscovered my badly battered Maxxum in my father's hobby cellar.
Since then, my focus has expanded to other old Kyosho buggies, which I liked very much as a teenager but could not afford at that time.


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