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Hello there !!

I am located in Australia and have been involved in R/C car racing since the age of seven, just after my 7th birthday in 1977. Of course, I was obsessed with all things R/C from as early as I can remember!

Many 'early' collectors and fans of vintage R/C will remember me from my time as a moderator on Roby's Old Tamiya Database in the late 90's and early 2000's, and of course, being one of the founding members here and part of the admin team ever since. Some may also remember my articles over an 8 year period for the US R/C Car Magazine on the vintage and historic significance of the cars produced in the 80's and 90's.. My passion for the hobby, in general, is deep, even more so when it comes to racing brands like Hirobo, Nichimo, Schumacher, Yokomo, Losi, Associated, and other more racing orientated products. That being said, I cannot deny my love for the Tamiya brand. It has always been about their passion for realism and innovation that always drew me to them, especially their on-road cars - all of them...

I have some of my Tamiya NIB collection here, I will also be adding my new built and project Tamiya's here as time permits. It is time to share my passion once again, this time, bringing you an even deeper insight into what I have managed to preserve.

My collection of other brands can be seen at my website, listed below. (Extremely out of date - trying to gain access to once again update)

Check out my website at : where you will find a whole lot more than just Tamiya.