My first contact with a real RC car was in the early 1980 when I saw a guy running a fresh built Tamiya Rough Rider at the park near my house, i immediately fell in love with RC cars and started asking one to my parents everyday….
My first real rc car arrived in 1982 and it was a Playtron Mercedes 500K buggy but considering my young age I had lots of problems to have it running since I had no idea on how to regulate the carb.
Even if I loved the Playtron I had to sell it for an easier car to run and my first Tamiya arrived, a nice and new Wild Willy, I run it so much that i had to change the motor (no more brushes) and gears. After the WW I had a lot of cars, just to name a few: Kyosho Scorpion, Sand Scorcher Subaru Brat, SG Samba (1/8 Nitro 2WD), King Cab, …
After 1991 quit the RC for Motocross racing.
More or less ten years later in 2002, 'thanks' to Ebay i bought a Wild Willy 2 and the madness start again, i started to collect again starting from all the models I had plus all the other I always desired but never had the chance to buy. Playtron nitro buggies (Mercedes 500K and Viva Arizona) and Wild Willy (SWB & LWB) were my favourite I have so much of them that I lost the count…..
At the moment I have more than 60 cars (Nib, runners, Shelf Queens, New Built……) and a ton of spares.
Aside of collecting old cars I also started racing with a sigle rule i only race Tamiya cars. In the 2WD buggies waiting for the TRF201 release I raced a lot my old Dyna Storm, that after a lot of work became a reliable and fast race car that gave me a lot of satisfaction. Now with TRF201 i've been able to retire the Dyna and concentrate all my effort on the 201 package that give me great results. Now with the XR and XM conversions the package is complete!
I started also 1:8 off road Nitro racing with the great Tamiya TRF801X buggy that even if is nearly discontinued is still a fantastic chassis to race and able to stay in the pack.