Location:new orleans, louisiana
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Been into hobby since 81. Gave away most vintage Tamiya cars. Have a few rc10 early 80s perfect shelfers. A Hot Trick Edinger(with all original Associated parts in original box) rc10, 2 perfect, correct, and original Edinger rc10s, and a Cadillac era rc10, I kept and an original Brat MK1, original Wild One, Grasshopper, a Fox all correct, original as well as a original rough rider with period correct thorp diff, and a few period correct hop ups/. Also have some NIB Latrax vehicles: an ltx-50 hustler buggy, a corvette, and a Lemans Porsche all never run or out the box. Been doing scale crawlers for some years and just had to get some more Tamiya cars back in my life. Built a rere Brat, Sand Scorcher, and a Frog. Looking to learn more and build some new ones and rebuild vintage.

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