Location:UK Canvey Island
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Got a few Tamiya and Kyosho, just starting to collect them. Best so far is my Kyosho 1/8 scale Ferrari with all the inboard suspension just like the real thing, think they were made round about 1988 never seen any others about on any sites. Been into R/C many years, raced 1/8 off road & 1/5 on road, now I fly helicopters but still love the cars. Now getting very hooked on collecting the older Tamiya models and restoring them, this year I have restored a 959, Grb, Hilux 3 speed and a Blazing Blazer. Also built a High Lift 350 but its not quite the same, not even finished it off, maybe trade it in for another 3 speed wreck! Mounty perhaps?? Well I thought I would update this, I seem to be going bike mad at the mo as you can probably see from my showroom :-) running on 2 wheels and leaning into the bends never gets old.