Ebay ID:alanbrownpops@yahoo.co.uk

I was mad keen on my Tamiya RC's cars growing up in the 80's in the UK.
Sadly all that survives today is my HotShot.
I then convinced my wife to get the Ford 350 High Lift as a Christmas present when that came out. Followed by the 2009 Rough Rider.
I have now fully re-connected with the hobby, slowly buying up when I can those cars you wished you had first time round and some I sold or let go off originally.
The collection and amount restorations continues to grow.
I prefer cars like the Cheetah, XR311, Sand Rover and SRB's. But I have a few others, FAV, Wild One, Brat and Blackfoot, we'll see if these grow on me as much.


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