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Hi all! I started my Rc hobby when I was about 13.
My first car was a second hand Tamiya Ligier F1 with a Graupner RC-set which I got from my father. I really (ab)used the car alot.
Then I got the Lamborghini Cheetah jeep and a Ferrari body for the ligier.
During college I forgot about RC.
About 10 years ago I bought a NIB Frog from Tamiya, I customised it with Kyosho wheels and a Beetle body. It was great to drive!
Then I bought a new ferrari F189 and a Kyosho Porsche 911 flatnose.
Last car I made was the Mercedes 190E Diebels Alt. I sold them all years ago. Now I am back to relive as so many of you, my childhooddreams, i.e: buying cars I dreamed of and drooled over as a kid, but never been able to buy. The most fun I get is to buy 'wrecks' and restore them to their former glory, with a personal touch. Now recently I became a full member of TC, and am enjoying the RC hobby once again.

Cheers, Rick