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My first Tamiya was a used TL-01 Lexus IS 200 (58237); I then bought my first NIB, a TA-02 Ford F-150 (58161). After a long hiatus from the hobby, I came back in 2011, buying a NIB TT-01 BMW 320si WTCC 2006 (58385). I was hooked (again).

I have dutifully collected NIB versions of each of my original Tamiya kits for nostalgia's sake (the 58237 and 58161). From there, I have slowly collected vintage NIB kits on the TL-01 and TA-01/2 chassis over the years.

Since then, I have really developed an appreciation (obsession?) for Tamiy's off-road kits, so I have added a couple of CC-01s, a Mountain Rider, a Hilux Monster Racer, a few buggy-based trucks (Stadium Blitzer, Stadium Thunder, and Dyna Blaster), and two High Lifts (Tundra and Hilux).

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