I started collecting tamiya rc-cars back in 1997. The main reason why I bought my first car at that time was because of mye friends.
Some of them had been into the hobby for a while, and now also I wanted to join them.
The interest of cassic tamiya cars came later.

My collection:

-Ford F-150 (summer 1997)

-Rover Mini Cooper, Monte Carlo(summer 1998)

-Lunch Box(Christmas 1998)

-XR-311(Summer 2001)

-Striker(Summer 2001)

-Monster Betele(winter 2001)

-Avante 2001(winter 2001)

-Midnight Pumkin(winter 2002)

-Lunch Box(winter 2002)

-Top Force Evo(winter 2002)

-Vanqusih(January 2003)

Bear Hawk to come.....

My Tamiyaclub friends...