Location:North Devon

I first got into RC in the early 80's.
I was on a holiday with my family at Butlins, Bognor Regis. In camp there was a hobby shop and they had built and were demonstrating a Tamiya Holiday Buggy. After watching that little buggy tear up and down the road I was hooked!

It took a while to get my first car - a Hornet (built for me by the shop), which due to a fault, caught fire on its first run (faulty battery I guess). I took it back to the hobby shop and upgraded to the Kyosho Optima. I then drifted through my 20's and 30's away from the hobby. Entering my 40's I bought and built a Baja Champ on a whim and was hooked once again.

Following another short break after selling some of my cars (something I now deeply regret) and packing others away I am now very much back into RC. I still have two kits yet to build (Re releases of the Holiday Buggy and Kyosho Optima re release) so am in the process of digging out all my other cars and stuff etc to see what I have and rediscover my passion for the hobby.

No more breaks - I'm now back in the hobby to stay.

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