Location:Christchurch - New Zealand
Ebay ID:wildone58050

Started in R/C when I was 8, got my first real R/C (Tamiya) when I was fourteen, a Grasshopper 1. I've had various Tamiya's ( the odd Kyosho, and a couple of Traxxas since), including some of the rare ones. But not knowing what would come of them, I sold them. One in particular was the Audi Quattro 58036, I now kick myself for doing that.

**UPDATE** 09/08/2011
After a failed marriage, it's time to get back to doing what I love doing. Collecting Tamiyas. This time it's going to be all the ones I used to have, Wild One, FAV, Wild Willy2, Brat, King Cab, Midnight Pumpkin, Blitzer Beetle, I'm sure there's more. MIND FREEZE!!!! Started already, 2 x King Cabs, and 1x parts donor, 2 x Wild Ones, always looking for the others. Also have Kyosho Twin Force, Kyosho Mini Z Monster, Clod Buster, 2 x 2010 Staduim Blitzers, one for me and one for Mrs BeetleRacer69, Desert Gator, Hilift Hilux, Vanessa's Lunch Box (daughters), JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle (after a Hummer body) . Working my way up to my two 'dream' Tamiyas, a Juggernaut 2, and a Mountaineer. Cheers' Del :-)