Location:From Norway.

My name is Torbjørn - a 1972 model Norwegian. I found a renewed interest for R/C cars after restoring my beloved Sand Rover, that I got back in 1985. Haven't had many cars in my time, but I've loved running the few I've had. The Sand Rover recieved quite a bashing, and I'm amazed that I got it looking like it does now.

Other cars that have been in my posession: Nikko Sand Eagle, Midnight Pumpkin, Tamiya Fox and a Turbo Optima (the las two are now returned to original owner as he missed them too much).
Current stock contains of a Losi LXT, a Monster Beetle, 2 vintage Sand Rovers, a 2009 Rough Rider, a Dual Hunter and a Traxxas Slash 4x4 Platinum

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