Location:Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA
Ebay ID:3297748

I've been goofin' with R/C cars for about 33 years now... And static plastic kits well before that. I used to do illustrations-artwork for R/C Car Action magazine in the early 1990's. I'm into cars and motorbikes, and for employment I've been a designer of many different types of vehicles over the years. I was a snowmobile and ATV designer in the late 90's for nearly six years and then worked in Detroit as a car designer for around six years at two different design studios. After that I worked at Harley-Davidson for nine years and got to be a better designer and motorbike rider. I now work as a design manager at Mercury Marine. Model car and R/C hobbies have always helped me put my design day job into perspective and provide a trip back to being a kid in the 1980's.
The R/C hobby has given me freedom to build what I like for many years at my own pace. TamiyaClub has great people involved that love this hobby (addiction), trust me!