Location:Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA
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I've been goofin' with R/C cars for about 36 years now. I built static plastic kits well before R/C which is where I got my passion for modeling details. I'm also a person that has been drawing his entire existence, which led me to design school after high school. I used to do illustrations-artwork for R/C Car Action magazine in the early 1990's and was very lucky to do that! For employment I've been an industrial designer of many different types of vehicles for over 20 years at many different companies. Along with large and small teams I've designed concept and production ATV's, snowmobiles, cars, motorcycles, and now appearance parts and propulsion components for the marine industry. Model car and R/C hobbies have always helped me put my day job into perspective and provide a trip back to being a teenage kid in the 1980's.
This great hobby (and to some a sport) has given me freedom to build what I like for many years at my own pace. TamiyaClub has great people involved that love this hobby/addiction, trust me!