My name is Alistair G. Tamiya was my First Love when I was 13 years old and my Mum bought me a Tamiya catalogue from a medium sized hobby shop in the coastal resort of Southport, England. This was in 1987. I have been in love with Tamiya's ever since, but in a 'didn't do anything about it' sort of way - the problem was that I came from a relatively poor family. Back then I never had the money to buy the kits, I just used to dream and stare at the Tamiya 1/10th R/C kits that were in the Southport model shop window on the left hand side, like Vanessa's LunchBox, Subaru Brat, and Hornet and they really were stacked from floor to ceiling in the window, as I seem to remember. Those were the days! For those of you who are from the North West of England, and who may remember this model shop, it was called 'The Hobby Shop (Southport) Ltd.', and was at 17/19 Bold Street, Southport, PR9 0DB, 'phone # was (0704) 532337, they sold 'Model Aircraft, Railways, Boats, & Cars, Hobbies and Handicrafts', but unfortunately this shop is now long gone and is instead called Queenscourt Hospice, a charity shop. However, the first R/C car that I ever had, was when I had been given a H376 Corgi Austin Mini-Metro R/C model for a birthday present, in the very early 1980's, got from one of the Toy & Hobby chain stores (in St.Helens), that was a beautiful little car. I destroyed it by accident when I was being a bit daft and playing with it on top of the coal bunker and it fell 4 feet onto solid concrete (the patio) and I was heartbroken :-( But things went from lows to highs suddenly when I saw my first Tamiya catalogue when I was 13 years old, and I knew that I would then be absorbed into the Tamiya world eventually :-) I then got a 4x4 yellow R/C monster truck from Tandy (RadioShack) and enjoyed that very much. My friend Andrew had the Audi Quattro GR4 by Tandy (Radio Shack) and that was great, I was jealous! Then I got a Kyosho Raider, not too bad. Then I got a Schumacher Cougar 2, great quality but understeered like you wouldn't believe no matter how I altered it... Then my Brother got a Tamiya Toyota Celica 4WD. Very good. Me, I always wanted a Tamiya original Blackfoot after I saw one new built in about 1990 in a LHS in Wigan. I will get hold of one shortly I hope. Nowadays I have a Hirobo Shuttle helicopter and I also model 3 1/2' gauge miniature live steam locos. Check the website for this...!
Update:13th Sep 2004, now I finally got a NIB (King) Blackfoot. Plus a NIB #56305 Merc-Benz 1838 lorry (truck) with MFU and a NIB #58176 Escort RS Cosworth and more - see my showroom. Got the KBF running now (body not finished). Finally got a Tamiya / Carson #58448 Audi Quattro GR4 so now have just about what my friend Andrew had when we were school kids, jealousy finally gone :-) Update: Found the little Mini-Metro car that I used to have, see ;-http://www.geocities.com/prescotmes/H376_Corgi_Austin_Mini_Metro.jpg
Now I just have to find one for sale somewhere... UPDATE: Finally got hold of a R/C Mini-Metro! See my showroom for this cute car! UPDATE: Finally achieved one of my ambitions and got an original NIB Tamiya BlackFoot! See my showroom! One last point to bare in mind, mainly for our (very valued -they are the future of our hobby) younger, talented audience here on TamiyaClub... In my showroom I mention about using various sharp tools and also products containing sometimes harmful chemicals. I will take no responsibility at all for any claims against me from anyone trying these things at home. Be careful out there. USUAL DISCLAIMER.

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