Location:Cleveland, UK
Ebay ID:steve-savalas

Hi, I'm currently running a new Gravel Hound - i used to run a top-force evolution which i wish i'd kept! I also have a fully hopped-up Formula 1 car (F201) which is all carbon-fibre & aluminium etc. (for sale!) and a Team Losi XXX-4 Graphite+.
I've performed the following mods to my GRAVEL HOUND:
*Aluminium drive shaft*
*Metal motor-mount*
*Aluminium rear hubs*
*Aluminium steering bellcranks*
*Aluminium servo posts*
But the most important mod is the rear suspension. I must say that Tamiya haven't really thought about the suspension too much - seeing as though it's an off-roader and supposed to be good at jumps etc. When you pick the car up at the back and raise it about 2 inches from the floor & leave go - SMACK - the car bottoms out, no matter how stiff you set the springs. I've modified my rear suspension & now have loads of travel so it's great over jumps etc. I reckon it must be the fastest 'HOUND around (challenge!!!?). Pictures & video to follow tomorrow with full details of mods & hop-ups. Feel free to email me for instructions etc.

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