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Born in the 70's, my interest in Radio Control and cars in particular really sparked during my teens in the the 80's. My first ever RC buggy came as a Christmas present one year when I was maybe around 10 years old - it was a red Schuco Speed Buggy which my parents bought from Redgates in Sheffield. It had 3 gears which were selected on the back of the truck and also had working lights which were operated from the handset - super cool. I didn't realise at the time, but looking back now, the buggy was clearly based on the same vehicle as Tamiya's XR311.

Further inspiration came a few years later from an older friend who lived down the road - one day he came out running this radio control buggy up and down the road, on and off the pavement, it seemed pretty quick and very scale at the time, certainly faster than my Speed Buggy ever was and it looked so real too - I discovered that it was Tamiya's Holiday Buggy!

It got me hooked but it would be quite a while before my parents could afford to buy me my first Tamiya. Until then (and after), I relished every chance I got to go into a Beatties model shop, look at all the models on display under the counter and on the shelves behind, not to mention the Tamiya video playing on constant loop. I used to stare at the screen and dream about having a Scorcher or a Ranger, a Hilux or a Blazer.

Then one year, after a few trips to our local model shop, I received my first Tamiya for my birthday - The Fox. It was so fun to build and run but I had a fair bit of trouble with the manual speed control which made it quite unreliable for me. A couple of years later I traded it in for a Blackfoot kit - those massive wheels and that fantastic Ford Ranger body! This thing really peeked my interest and is what really cemented my life long interest in the hobby - simply running for fun and just bashing around. Unfortunately after a few years, I sold it to a friend and now wish I hadn't!

So here I am 25+ years later and still enjoying the hobby. As a teenager I had the time but not the money. Now I have some money but not the time lol. Anyway, I'm thankful I can re-live my RC youth, and thanks to Tamiya's re-re programme, I can get to enjoy some of the models I could only dream of as a kid. Over the years, I've been buying the odd kit here and there and now as a result, I have a few NIBs waiting to be built and a few more in various states of build, waiting to be finished.

In 2019, nostalgia got the better of me and I decided I'd like to have a Blackfoot once again. After searching around, I bought an original example in good condition, taking me back to where it all started for me. Other models in my small collection are the Clodbuster, Juggernaut 1 & 2, re-re Bruiser, re-re Fighting Buggy, Wild Willy 2 and XB Pajero Rally. My most recent purchase is a fantastic Sand Scorcher from TC's own Rallyebaz. There's more models I'd like to collect, a couple being the TXT-1 and a Blazing Blazer.

After years of enjoying the TC site, I've finally become a member and subscribed! I don't have much spare time but when I get the chance, I'll start adding to my showroom - I've got one or two non Tamiya's as well, hopefully I'll get around to adding those as well.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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