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I used to race a lot back in the 80's, my home region was Home Counties region, east London & Essex area. I used to be an old member of TamiyaClub and somehow I'm locked out of my former account. Was wondering if I could be reconnected with it so I can update many of my old stuff?

Hmm, doesn't like I'll get that chance of reconnecting with my old profile afterall. It's been two months of requesting. So I guess we'll just have to stick with this new one.

Where was I, ah yes. Anyone loving this pandemic right now? self isolation bs? man!!!. In the past 15+ years I've lived through many Californian forest fires, snow (yeah I know right? snow in southern California - what's the world coming to?) and now this pandemic. It's been a crazy abrupt year, who ever saw this was coming?.

So, living through this pandemic has afforded (like many of you I'm sure) me a lot of time on my hands. No more taking and supporting the teenage kids to swim meets on the weekends or swim practice during the week. Life for me have gone Trickle overtime. It's not easy being stuck at home with many family members in your face and at some point you have to do something to try and occupy yourself to help with the time. I went through some re-runs of my fav programs such as Babylon 5 (anyone remember them?) I'm a huge sci-fiction buff - Star Trek (from old to new genre's - you name it). Star Wars. Game of Thrones. It's the 2nd week of December as I write this and it really does feel Winter is coming. It's cold and windy (at times) reminds me a lot of english weather lol.

I've been busy buying stuff to get me and my two teenage boys racing, bought a whole lot of NIB kits. In complete Awe (even for a brief moment) when I receive it through my doors - I have been a lucky boy regarding collecting -lately, but right back on the screen trying to scoop what I can before Kyosho and Tamiya stops manufacturing their Re-Releases. I missed on a few of them I think and yes, a whole of RC hunting going on right now from where I'm sitting.

For anyone interested, you can browse my original account before TC and I lost details to it.
Well, it has been 15+ years since I went awol from the original ~ well anyways, majority of it are my rollers, hardly any NIB's (maybe 1or2) because it all comes down to numbers or how deep one's pocket goes. Anyways, enough babbling.

Btw, for the folks who keep asking 'Why do you have more than one'? I'm a repeat offending 'hoarder' Send the shrink over :)

Copy & paste: ~ https://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=3019

If I had to pick one of the best collections here on TC and the individual whose inspired me the most, it would be Barrypops. Such an outstanding and breathtaking collection of cars, some car's I can only dream of having. Not only does he have some real hard to find items but has managed to amass the same. I don't believe any of that happened by accident. He has and continue to set the standard around here on TC. Go have a peep. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=519

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