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Reigniting the love for tamiya....

In 1987, I was 12 yrs old....Playing in the neighborhood one summer day, a friend was out front of his house wheeling his birthday Tyco Turbo Hopper up and down the street. I was fascinated by the speed and control that this cool looking buggy exhibited. In our conversation, he mentioned his cousin had an RC car that was even bigger and faster, and that he 'had to paint himself'! Now that really peaked my interest. Having already been developing skills in my youth with plastic models, the idea of being able to 'make' or build my own RC car to my own specifications seemed incredibly appealing!!
Where could I find such machines? how much do they cost?
At the time, the only true 'Hobby' store in our small Canadian town was a mall franchise of the name 'Leisure World'.
We would stop by every so often during a family shopping trip and I would gaze up at the unreachable RC models ( I remember the names, Marui, Kangaroo, Rocky....). Being 12yrs old, I obviously had very little allowance, certainly nothing to scratch the cost of several hundred dollar toy......
However, that summer I got a paper route with the town Newspaper. And to supplement the income, my generous neighbor gave me an $200 advance to cut his grass all summer.
I saved every $. Abstained from candy store trips and toy store impulses.......
During this saving period, a industrious electronics technician for a local audio retail store, opened up a small corner boutique at the business and stocked Tamiya, amongst other notable off-road manufacturers of the time.
My first visit was overwhelming.....this was it. The beginning. With $600 in my savings, I was ready!
The next visit, with the salesmen's patient help, we narrowed down the options.
Tamiya Hot-Shot II, Futaba Magnum Sport Radio system, Leisure Electronics Nicad Battery Auto charger, a 6cell Nicad battery pack, and a small purple jar of Tamiya Polycarbonate paint.

Years went buy, cars came and went, I read every issue of RCCA, cover to cover backwards and forwards......mail ordered my first item from Omni models (Trinity Monster Modified #2001 Sprint Motor).....and discovered the addictive effect of hop-ups......
My RC world expanded to competition, and as I matured, so did my budget.
Fast forward to today...
I have a dedicated hobby room and an income that allows discretionary freedom.
Let the building begin!!!

PS: ....patiently waiting for the reissue of the Hot-Shot II

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