Had a great childhood in the 80's during the peak of Tamiya RC cars! My brother owned a 1981 Sand Rover and later on a Midnight Pumpkin. Myself started with a Blackfoot in 1986 followed later in life with a Tamiya TB01 Mitsubishi Lancer.
Now that I am in my mid 40's I got the urge to get back into the Tamiya scene, theres just something about these kits that will always keep my coming back for more!! lol
I have recently purchased a vintage Blackfoot in great condition and also a TA01 Mercedes 190E and would love to use the Tamiya Club to explore further! When I can get back to the UK I will be gathering all the parts I can locate for the Sand Rover and Blackfoot and hope to restore these two back to their former glory!
I look forward to being accepted into the club.

Kind regards,


My Tamiyaclub friends...