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In 1985 at 10 years old I discovered Tamiya RC cars with a friend in 4th grade. I noticed the local hobby shop I frequented for plastic models carried them. I didn't know it, but I was living in the golden era of remote control cars.

That spring I used savings and my birthday for an RC car kit setup, The Grasshopper. I soon fell in love with the builds and running buggies on the terrain around my house. Building up the chassis and electrical systems made sense to me more than many of my school subjects. The characters of the cars helped me make emotional connections with them.

The next five years up to high school I put much of my spare time and resources into Tamiya RC cars. I had no idea how lucky I was to experience these kits as they rolled out for the first time.

The hobby store near me only carried a handful of Tamiya kits though. Their beautiful box art could be seen on high shelves from anywhere in the store. Below these boxes many more kits could be seen on parts bags illustrations. The details in these simple illustrations captivated me nearly as much as the full color box art.

During high school in the 1990s my RC car activities slowed down. I bought a few kits but didn't have time or space to build them. In 2020 my son saw my Fox and asked me if it worked. I got curious if I could get it running again and what was going on in the world of RC. Soon we were building our first Tamiya kit together ~a Grasshopper. It all came back to me, why I loved the brand and experience.

I occasionally make RC inspired art to celebrate RC cars and the hobby I and many others love. My art background from school, work and personal experiences enables my process. Comic book art, the 1980s, and excitement about RC cars inform my style and my collection of RC car books and publications are inspiration.

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