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I was lucky to be 10 in 1985 with two older brothers. For fun, I had a healthy diet of Mad Magazines, Atari 2600 games, Wacky Packs, GI Joe, Lego, Garbage Pail Kids, plastic model kits, and MTV leading up to my first Tamiya kit ~the Grasshopper.

In 1985 my best friend in 4th grade elementary school and I discovered Tamiya RC cars. I noticed the local hobby shop I frequented in Connecticut carried them. It's still there relatively unchanged, but unfortunately it no longer carries Tamiya kits.

In the spring of 1986 we managed to coordinate our savings and March birthdays around this new activity. Soon we were both hard at work building, repairing, and upgrading our first kits. My Grasshopper endlessly raced his Hornet around back yards and found terrains.

The next five years up to high school I put most of my spare time and resources into Tamiya RC cars. Each year coinciding with spring I saved and used my birthday for RC cars and parts. By 1991 I had four cars.

The hobby shop near me only carried a handful of kits, but they often had parts bags for many others. The little pictures of the kits on these parts bags were the only way to see what was out there beyond what the store carried. I was captivated by the details in these simple illustrations.

My favorite and most used car was the Fox. My second favorite and least used car was the Tamiya Toyota Celica Great Britain Rally Special. Within a few minutes of driving it down my street the left plastic rear arm snapped. Getting replacement parts wasn't easy back then so I put the car on a shelf and continued to play with my more durable Fox.

A year or so later high school started and my RC car activities slowed for a few decades, but the memories of the kits never faded. Then in 2020 my son saw my Fox and asked me if it worked. I got curious if I could get it running again and what was going on in the world of RC. Soon we were building our first Tamiya kit together ~a Grasshopper. It all came back to me, why I loved the brand and experience. Each kit is a story.

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