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Since a kid, I loved RC cars. My first real RC car was the Thundershot. Had several other tamiya cars (Falcon, Grasshopper), but my favorite car was always the thundershot. Just restored the TS completely after finding it after more than 30 years in my parents house. Since I had enough spare parts from the 80s (including stickers) it is completely vintage. It also has almost all the upgrades that were available in the 80s (ballbearings, bigger dampers in the rear, 80s rear stabilizer, 80s two damper set for front, 80s universal driveshaft for front, wing etc. With all the re-releases of the TS chassis type, I am now collecting all 4 cars of the TS chassis type (and spending a ridiculous amount of money on stocking of spare and tuning parts :-) Would love to be a member of your club. Cheers. Marc

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