Location:somewhere, italy
Ebay ID:robysoldtamiya

Hello. Great RC fan since late '70, I only had toys in my hands and dreamed about Tamiyas and gas cars till my first model in 1986, wich was a Grashopper 2 I bought from a friend. I played a lot with it till the day I sold hoping to buy a gas one. My preferred #1 model is the Toyota Hilix 4x4 and with him all 3speed family. I dreamed about Hilux since I saw it on early '80, I bought my first one in 1996! It was used but in good conditions, and came with a Sand Scorcher thrashed, a Super Champ in good cond, a Countach chassis and a Cheetah chassis. They were the beginning of my passion to find old Tamiyas. I began posting in local ads and found most of my cars, luckily there weren't so much guys interested in old Tamiyas here in Italy.
The day I began surfing, the web made the rest and my passion grew much more. Now I can say I'm a crazy 3speed fan, and I can't stop collect them.

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