Location:Oxford, UK
Ebay ID:j*i*m*b*o

Hi, my name is James and I'm another 40+ child, which seems to be the average age to start collecting r/c cars and to try and keep some of my youth. Got my first car back in 1986 which was a Tamiya Hornet then a year later a Blackfoot, which I still own now along with faaaaar too many other cars!. I Now have a collection that is growing by the minute.

I also collect old Schumacher Cat's and have a Cat XL, 3 or 4 Cat XLS's, a Procat or 2, a Bosscat Works and a Cat 2000EC/'98. One of the reasons I like Cats, is I use to race them at local events years ago.

Watch this for more info https://youtu.be/BlpS8PfiF90