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Im a diehard tyco RC fan but im loving the tamiya world. When I was kid I could not afford hobby grades so I had to settle for tyco cars to hold me down. Now im an adult I started collecting Tamiya in april 2022, Yeah I know im super late but I am enjoying the hunt for these beautiful cars. My first Tamiya car I got was the blitzer beetle then after that it just spiraled out of control. I currently own 98 cars between Tyco and Tamiya and im still looking. Its a bit more challenging being these cars are mostly vintage and im late to the party but when I finally get the cars im looking for its even more sweet and I appreciate them more because of this. My big win was finding a Tamiya King Cab and Toyota Hilux Monster Racer. Next on my list is the Subaru Brat and Street Rover. Im glad to be a part of this community!

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