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I have always loved cars. Knew pretty much all brands and most models by the age of 6.

My love with RC cars started when I was around 7 and I saw this MB 450SL Couple in a toy store that would not only drive by also had functioning headlights, taillights and side indicators. My mind was blown. ( I believe this was the MB 450SCL from Ecstasy from 1979)

That same year (1982) my dad took me to a local toy fair where I found my way to the Tamiya stand and was equally blown away by the Sand Scorcher and the Rough Rider. Unfortunately RCs were very expensive back then and funds were limited so all I walked away with was a Tamiya catalogue that was my treasured possession.

Eventually I started to make my own money through various side hustles and when I turned 13 I finally could afford a'real' RC car. I do remember seeing the awesome Tamiya 959 Dakar at the local RC dealer but batteries were a pain back then and my best friend had ended up getting into a Kyosho Nitro buggy. After some back and forth I ended up buying a used Kyosho Corvette ZR1 from his friend.

We ended up driving them frequently until we were around 22-23 but we both kept our car. Mine has now gone through a thorough restoration and is now spending its time in retirement on the shelf as a restomod Rampage Buggy. Electronics still work and the engine runs smoothly, which is mind boggling.

In mid 2020, I bumped into a 959 account on instagram and that made me remember all this stuff and also made me realize that I had never built a car in my life. Turns out that Santa, aka my wonderful wife, did ultimately deliver on my dream and I got a TT02 Porsche 911 RSR for Christmas this year and this is where things started to snowball.

Since Christmas 2022, I have built the TT02 with a custom paint job in the classical Porsche color Brewster Green with the Fuchs wheels painted in Champagne Titanium. I have also hopped it up with a bunch of TRF parts. Love tweaking and tuning this thing and with the opening of a new indoors carpet TC track, our 4 yo and I have started to truly bond over the touring car racing and tweaking experience.

My wife and I have three boys, so we bought them a Kyosho Inferno 3.0VE to share. This 1:8 buggy basher is amazingly good fun and built strong enough to take the beating of three boys. It has turned into a never-ending maintenance project for me but sometimes the boys help out so it's great fun.

Last but not least. While some serendipity and the 959 was what got back into this great hobby again - and it really is a cool car - I fell love with the 934 Valiant 30th Anniversary Commemorative kit, 49400 over the last 2 years worth of browsing. So when a NIB surfaced at a reasonable price , I made the move and took delivery of it. Have since sourced all the hop-ups I wanted and one day this master piece will be built. The 45th already is :)

Amazing that these things can create so much dreams, experiences and shared memories.

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