Location:'s-Gravenzande (Holland)
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When i was a little kid i came in contact with Tamiya. A cousin of mine had a Frog. Every sunday i went to him to see the Frog go. Some other older kids drove WildWilly's etc. When got a little older i also want to have my own RC car. First i had some RC toy cars, but the speed and handling was poor and so i was looking for something faster. Then with all the memories i had about the Frog etc. i was willing to now wich company produced/sold these cars. My cousin told me it was Tamiya. I went to a local toy shop wich sold RC cars. In the shelf there was a Tamiya RC cataloge. I bought it, and watched it till all of the pages were white :)
Together with my brother we bought a Alfa Romeo 155V6TI and all the gear needed. We build the car and drove it for some weeks till the moment came i recieved a folder that told me about RC races. This was new for me. Several weeks later me and my brother went to the RC cicuit and i ran my first race. From this moment on i was addicted with the RC virus. I ran races for over 5 years. The last 2 years i found myself driving against the top 10 racers in the Tamiya Euro-Cup. Then, deu to finance and age i stopped racing but the love for RC was/is always there. Now i've picked up my old hobby. I will not race anymore, but collect some older Tamiya models that put me up with this virus ;)

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