Ebay ID:Rice Eata

My father got me into R/C cars when i was about 10 years of age. When i was around 6-7, He used to take me to off-road races. I remember him having alot of buggies, He also had a Blackfoot for bashin. Then when everyone on this island (Hawaii) lost interest in the off-road hobby, they switched to on-road/pan cars, Thats when i started racing. My father never collected Tamiya cars, He just like'd to race.

When i started making money of my own, i got back into the hobby...I think i was about 18 when i bought my first R/C car. I decide to try out a nitro car, i pick up a HPI rs4 Nitro (RTR) from our local hobby shop. Started iritating the neighbors, running the car up and down our street... no one here raced R/C's anymore. Ever since then i started collecting cars, I think i got to much of um. I'm 22 years of age and this is what i got....

s2000 (m-o4L) with clodbuster body
300zx IMSA-GTS
wild willy 2000

skyline rs4 nitro
Rs4 micro (skyline)

T-maxx with lots of mods

Plan to buy or trade some of my cars for a king Blackfoot, midnight pumpkin, traxxas stampede, and maybe a clodbuster.

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