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The RC bug started for me back in the early eighties with a Ford Ranger. It was the first thing I ever, really, truly wanted. I saved my pocket money, did odd jobs, did extra chores and saved every penny until I finally had enough money to buy my very own Tamiya Ford F-150 Ranger XLT. No money for a battery, charger or radio mind, but my parents came true with their offer of a loan if I saved enough for the truck. At the time I was so enveous of mates who got the full package for Birthday or Christmas or whatever, but now I see saving for that first RC truck was a valuable life lesson and one I still reflect back on today.

Since then I have been addicted to RC models and have dabbled with verything from gliders to helicopters, powerboats, float planes, yachts, tanks, trucks and even hovercraft. The last few years I have taken a bit of a back seat with postings and updates but I have been pottering away in the background and have plenty of new projects and ceations to share with all my Tamiyaclub friends.

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