Location:Belgium, Tienen
Ebay ID:geertr_be

When I was a teenager I already had R/C and modelism as an hobby. I've done several kinds of modelism in the past, from die-cast to R/C airplanes. For more than ten years I didn't do anything but mid 2001 I got a Blitzer Beetle Chrome Edition and the virus got back in my blood.
I'm building R/C cars now but I rarely drive them. I built, restore, collect and keep them for display purposes (except for my backyard basher). My goal is not to have many of them but I want to make them as nice and original as possible. As off-road bashers I'm using a Blitzer Beetle chassis but with some different bodies, a Monster Beetle and a hopped up Clod Buster (Clodzilla IV chassis). What concerns the on-road (tarmac and rally) I prefer the TB01 which I think is the most versatile Tamiya on-road chassis (check out my custom built Carbon Fiber and Purple Alu version in my showroom).
I do not collect NIB because I strongly believe that these kits are made to be built. Restoring an old vintage gives me even more satisfaction than building a new one.

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