Location:Landisville, PA
Ebay ID:solostsracer

I just got back my Thundershot from my cousin which I sold to him 15 years ago. It's in ok shape and searching for parts is somewhat fun. Back 15 years ago I converted my Thundershot to a road car (lowered the suspension, shaved down some foam tires, smoother body and wider bumpers to protect the shocks). Took 6 1st places out of 7. Not bad :)

I've been racing real cars for about 6 years now, but had nothing to do in the winter and thought it would be great to get back into it. Almost have all the pieces I need (just missing a shaft, and dog bone axle).

Also found some old Tamiya Radio Control Guide Books in my basement along with old Radio Control Model Car magazines with Thundershots in them :)

Just finished restoring my Thundershot. Found a whole car (minus radio, motor, and front bumper support), but came with a perfect tub, dual front shocks, and newer control arms and wheels.

Ran the car this morning and it brought back memorable sounds of the 4wd shaft drive. Thankfully I kept the ball bearings in the gearbox all this time.

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