Location:Federal Way, WA, U.S.A.
Ebay ID:jeepcj7man1979

I've been into hobby class r/c for a while now, and it really sucks you in. I'm in my 20's, from Washington State, and luckily have a decent enough job to be able to fund my expensive/addictive hobby. I have a constantly grownig connection and am always looking to add to it. I'm mainly into off-road, as there are more places to drive in the dirt than on pavement in my area. My on-roads are the most rapidly expanding area of my collection though. I'm more interested in models with innovative/different designs, rather than the same concept over and over again. Tamiya has no shortage of interesting chassis layouts. Not to mention the stunning bodies and high quality. My collection is pretty diverse. I log on almost every day just to see the showroom updates. I love to be able to discuss the hobby and learn more about the various models in the forums, and post my models in the showroom for everyone to see.

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