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I have been into RC Cars ever since I lived in Japan in 2003. It all started there with a TL-01. I didn't really know what I was buying at the time and living in a foreign country didn't really help much. I immediately fell in love with it and bought some other kits such as a Clodbuster (now sold) and a Wild Dagger (in tradesroom).

I have restored a Monster Beetle which is about 90% complete. I really enjoy cleaning up other peoples disasters that I find on ebay.

My first nitro was bough in Sept 2005. It is the tamiya TNX. I am currently outfitting it with some flashy alloy parts and then will be using it as a runner but I think I will be a bit more careful with it due to the alloy parts. My second nitro was not a tamiya ..... I took a foray into non-tamiya models with the purcahse of a used and abused HPI Rush (in showroom).

My current cars are all in my showroom (except my TNX pictures to come when complete).

My rides:

TA-02 Mustang Cobra R

TA-02 Custom project from various parts

TL-01 Mercedes Benz CLK DTM2000 Team D2 - My first RC

Monster Beetle - 90% complete restoration

Tamiya TNX


Duratrax MT Pro

Older (I think 1st generation) RC10gt

Wild Dagger

Check out my showroom

Well I am back after a few years out of RC and am digging right in with completion of one project on my tamtech Fox - updated motor and esc with proper pinions and more to come. I have also resurrected my Wild Dagger as it failed to sell on Ebay back in the day. I had it all wrapped up in a box with brown paper wrapping marked fragile and ready for shipping. When it didn't sell it just sat there.

Today it becomes my newest project as I found it to be a little slow even when ball raced and shocked. So I will be making improvements as the parts come in. Just Glad to be Back Feb 2010.

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