Location:Sunny Southern California
Ebay ID:ImRCDad

Been in the Hobby since Mid 1970's. My first RC car I played with when I was in JHS 1977 I was hooked. My RC car I bought was a Tamiya Frog and Traxxas Radicator(Hmm!!) Ever since then I have had an itch that I can never satisfy when it comes to collecting Tamiya RC. I'm trying to build up my collection to include ALL Tamiya Model RC between 58001 and 58100. This will probably NEVER happen!!! My collection consists of over 100 Tamiya RC Cars and Kits. I recently did some clean and orgainzing of all my models and I can not belive the stuff I have collect over the years. Seems like every year I'll collect a particular class of cars. This year its the Tamiya Rally, WRC and GT-4 cars. My Favorite RC Models are all the F1 and Group C cars. Especially, the Mazda 787B. Recent addition to my collection:

6/1/2005 Ebay find Metallic wild willy 2. Finished detailing body,painting Driver and Body

5/27/2005 Ebay Find Mini Cooper Monte Carlos Kit from TC Member A Ray

5/23/2005 SOLD F103-LM-TRF kit to Ron V. aka Pro Stock TC Member

5/23/2004 SOLD Porsche 911-GT1 Body Set to Ron V. aka Pro Stock TC Member

9/10/2005 Completed NIB TT-01 NSX 2004

10/2005 TL-01 chassis with Jeff Gordon Paint Scheme , Converted T93 Texaco to T94 Miller Genuine Draft.

10/26/05 finsihed converting spare F103 Piaa Reynard 97 D to Sauber C12 and finished Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Its a runner now. Electronics Installed.

Jan 1st 2006 Broke my New Years Resolution not to buy anymore RC. Took only 1 day.

1/1/2006 picked up Tamiya FW18 F103 and two body sets. Bennetton B195 and Tyrrell Yamaha 023.

1/6/2006 picked up a NICE Honda Accord JCCS on E-Bay too.

2/2/2006 purchase at LHS Re-release of the FROG and Grasshopper

2/6/2006 Ebay Auction win Blazing Star TA02

3/10/2006 picked up fro TC member 'The Big Show' Volvo 850/FF01 58183

4/2006 Trade my #2 of 3 NIB Kit TA03R- TRF for a RESTORED Avante from Aaron in Milwauke, WI... FINALLY got one !!!! Looking for a Body now

10/30/2006 NIB Celica GT4 58164

11/25/206 Decided to paint my Wild Willy 1 in Camaflauge Paint Scheme

11/27/2006 Wild Willy 1 Project 'GI Joe Sigma 6'

11/27/2006 FRP TA02 HKS Skyline GTR

11/2006 Busy month on Ebay Picked up 2-TA02 RTR Chassis(Stock, FRP) VW Beetle , NIB TA02 Celica GT-4, Calsonic Skyline GT-r 2001, Alfa romeo V155

12/10/2006 Traded my Jaggernaught I for Modified TLT-'Rock Climber' and Wild Willy 1-M38 in Cherry Red Condition

12/21/2006 Ebay win 58218 Ferrari F103B NIB Kit

01/14/2007 Just Arrived my Last Purchase of 2006 Porsche RSR Type 934 GT-01 .. Gonna build the puppy

01/17/2007 Opened the box of the Porsche RSR Type 934... its buit the chassis and need to get the paint... 04/20/2007 FINALLY got the paint for the RSR 934.. Finished painting the body and will be decaling and detailing the body/rims

4/10/2007 Tamiya EVO II Chassis...

05/12/2007 Another GT-01 Porsche 934 RSR kit. Purchased Jaggermister sticker set Livery from MrLexan... will be starting soon!

7/27/2007 Finished the #2 Porsche 934 RST Jaggermister... Looks SWEET... need to add the electronics and find a light set

7/30/2007 time to pull out my F310B and build it... Inspired by TC Member Relwyn posting of his Eddie Irvine F310 B that was posted...

10/25/2007 Picked up a Evolution IV on ebay... NICE chassis... couldnt resist and last min bid won for a GREAT PRICE

01/10/2008 Picked up a Traxxas Rad-2 fro TC Member AirExtreme SCollins

01/16/2007 Nice catch on ebay Tyrrel P34 six Wheeler... WOW... 58003 the third rc car from Tamiya

1/24 Another Good auction win on Ebay Astute 58080... Project i want to finish...

1/25/08 BIN on Ebay.. Monster Beetle on Ebay... Got a Nice body to mount...

2/1/08 Auction will of a RTR Monster Beetle. Picture looked better but when arrived needed to redo the body.. Body in progress. Good think chassis is in 9 out of 10 condition. Not bad for 58058 model!

2/2/2008 Picked up a NEW Rad-2 from TC Mike L.

2/20/2008 EBay win TG-10 Gonna mount a nice custom body...

2/28/2008 Ebay Win another Traxxas Rad-2 ... NICE :)

4/1/2008 Ebay Jaggernaught with Custom Chassis.. won while on VAC in Hawaii :)

5/10/2008 Picked up Monster Beetle Chassis... Paid too Much oh well want to mount my Monster Beetle Body

07/16/2008 Ebay Purchase Tamiya Benetton Ford B192, 1/20 scale Model Kit with McLaren Mp4/8 Bodyset

8/22/2008 EBay BIN Blackfoot extreme chassis with Beetle Body

2/15/2009 Ebay RTR Subaru Brat Re-Re... Nice but will repaint Body

2/20/2009 Ebay Bullhead Body Kit

3/1/2009 Ebay Astute Body Set (Not OG but a good Knock off)

3/9/2009 Purchase long awaited 911 GT2 PIAA TC Member ToyMkr73

3/28/2009 Started the detailing of the Bullhead Body 'Green Monster Crawler. Dechromed and will be working on the crawler chassis to mount Body. Already have the Axels and Moeb Tires with 23MM Hex extension and mounts

4-08-2009 Ebay purchase... Alfa Gulia kit #58187

4-10-2009 Closed deal with TC Member Bernard for the Fiat Abarth ..I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

4-10-2009 Well decided to SALE my Kyosho 1/8th F1 GP Jordan 192 Sasol Yamaha

6/24/2009 Finally ARRIVED the 58158 Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR
... Deciding on Paint schema...

10/17/2009 Ebay BIN Tamiya GT-01 chassis Prorsche Martini 935 57104

11/6/2009 Ebay BIN Tamiya Wild Will Metallic ARTR for a RUNNER

12/5/2009 Ebay BIN Tamiya Old Skool VS-Super Champ Hybrid with Beelte Body... Project Car...

12/30/2010 Ebay Auction win 'Rising Storm' Modified RTR Blue Aluminium

1/24/2010 TC Member Steve Collins go a SUPER CLEAN Super Champ

3/20/2010 Ebay Pickup a Original Rough Rider

5/10/2010 Ebay Picked up a Original Subaru Brat which will need some TLC!

2/14/2012 After a long break and selling some of my RC's :) I picked up a Bruiser!!! Been a long time I have been waiting to get the Original in my collection.

11/01/2012 picked up 2 Original FAV. 1 missing a tansmission

1/28/2013 Picked up another 58001. 98% complete in good condition. Body needs to be assembled and pcs missing but Chassis never hit pavement awesome condition
p> 2/20/2013 Ebay win Original FAV ARTR Great find and awesome realistic beat up look.

3/15/2013 picked up 1 more FAV and Wild One

4/2/2013 EBay win Tamiya Apline A110

5/23/2013 EBay BIN FULLY RTR 58059 Tamiya Rothman Porche 959. Waited for over 25 years. Needed some cleaning and new body. Chassis is 9 out 10. Body beat up but found a great used body with lights in Japan.

10/8/2013 picked up Mountaineer 58111 Orange Beauty!

12/2016 couldn't resist n found RED Japan FAV

1/27/2017 yes renewed my subscription after few years of absence ftom TC.

1/28/2017 . Yellow Yasp RTR FAV - 9.5 out 10

2/05/2017 my uncle Pete Creus gave me his Taigem RC TANK.

2/05/2017 Uncle Pete Creus static model USS Constitution from uncle

3/16/2017 RTR vintage Blackfoot project

3/28/2017 RTR NIB Exceed Drift car