Location:Darmstadt, Germany

I'm born in 1976 and started RC in 1986 with a Grasshopper. I really rode it hard for many years and it was that much fun and nearly undestroyable. Now it's restored and in good shape again. At that time I wanted so many other Tamiya models but could't buy one of them. After a break (scootering) I went back into RC in the mid 90s with the Pajero Metaltop, Mini Cooper Monte Carlo (not driven that much) and a TA02. Then the Clod Buster became my favourite. Around 2000 I started my Tamiya-madness and began restoring my old cars and collect new ones. I'm so happy I didn't sell them. Only Grasshopper's and Pajero's box had to go years ago because I needed space and didn't care.
I'm now mostly interested in japanese Sports Cars - mainly Honda. But the Monsters still fascinate in driving and modifying.
I'm sure no one believes me, but since the 90s I have only one on-road Runner-!!Body!! - the Accord - back on a TA02 now. In summer '04 it got new colours. So you see I'm mostly in building, tuning and displaying the on-roaders.
Have fun browsing my showroom... :)

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