Location:Norfolk, England
Ebay ID:thecontentsofmyloft

I really got into collecting R/C because a) I don't like selling things, b) I can't afford a real car collection and c) I race r/c cars and work part time in a model shop so often can pick stuff up fairly cheap. As it needs to be because of my current status as a student! My collection doesn't really have any direction, I get what I like when I can afford it, whether it be on or off road, Tamiya or not. My favourite car would have to be my Avante, partially because it is my luckiest find (it was given to me), partially because I love the engineering of the car. I've had R/C cars on and off since I was pretty small, my first proper one being a Kyosho Big Boss, a car I still have. I then toyed with racing before stopping for a few years. I then got back into it after some mates started racing and have been doing it ever since 2000, the collection growing the most in that time.