Location:The Netherlands

Hi there folks,
I'm not really collecting cars but am enjoying the cars Tamiya has made over the past 28 years. That's the time I'm envolved in riding those lovely cars. I started out with the Fast Attack vehicle back in '84 together with my brother to reduce the cost in driving a car like that which is different than the standard boxed car you could buy.
Later on I got The Hornet, The Hotshot, Blackfoot, Mercedes Benz C11, Sonic Fighter, The Vanquish, Top Force and the Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top wide. Due to lack of time I quit riding the cars but last summer (2003) I picked it up again and bought a HPI Pro3 which I hopped up but I still miss the fun I had building Tamiya cars so now I'm getting the CLK HKS with the Ta-04-R (box no.58291) chassis.

I also want to rebuild my Vanquish car as I used it for racing one time as a guest and won 1st prize.

Now I finally joined the club and acquirred in the meanwhile some other cars, like the Nissan Silvia Coppermix (TT-01), Durga, BMW M3, Buggy Champ & the sand scorcher Re-re, Toyota Thundra, Avante 2011. All still NIB.


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