Location:South Dakota, USA
Ebay ID:txt1zr600

I started way back in the day around 1987 with Nikko stuff that just could not hold up they spent more time getting fixed then being driven. Next I got my first almost real RC was way faster then anything eles and that was a Kangaroo fallowed by a NIB Midnight Pumpkin then used Blackfoot and a NIB FX-10.
Soon after my first FX-10 I got another one and built a mod carpet racer to race and then a Red Prince Blackfoot chassis kit witch I wish I have never gotten rid of I was unstoppable in the monster truck class with that truck. Then in 1993 a big brain fart and I sold all my stuff till 2001 when I got a Tmaxx and ebay and the collection started from there. In 2006 I was up to 75 Rc’s and had to sell a few as my showroom was being down sized do to a move and now I am pretty much into scale building and crawling and very much into Tamiya semis. Now I have 2 sons and my oldest has 6 of his own including a NIB XC a Losi XXT a FH-12 a Mini T and a WW2 plus a Grasshopper plus a Piper cub plain my 8 year old son is started off with a B4 buggys and a Mini T and a old boomerang trying to keep them on the right path in the hobby staying true to Tamiya witch is not always easy..