Location:Melbourne, Australia
Ebay ID:impulsive03

I must confess that it has been quite a few years since I built a kit, in fact if I am truthfull, probably about 12 years since I built the 959 that I picked up for AU$100! What a bargain!
In my youth though there was nothing I enjoyed more than locking myself in the shed and building RC cars. I use to assemble display models for my local hobby shop, as the owner could no longer be bothered, he use to give me $50 a car, which I guess in hindsight, I probably gave straight back to him!
Over the past 6 or 7 years I have been slowly (not so slowly at times) building up a nice little collection of NIB kits from eBay, see my showroom. A lot of re-releases, thank you Mr Tamiya, I cannot tell you how happy I was when the Subaru Brat was re-released, I so lusted after one of those in my childhood! But I also have a few middle aged kits, and would just love to get my hands on some of the earlier ones.
When I get all of the things done around the house that come with pretending to be an adult, I plan to lock my self back in the shed, and get back to it.